Each of these riddles were contained in various e-mails sent out to players. Together they formed the name to a new website leading to Ludo Bagman's private website.

Part One of my Domain

This riddle's answer does contain:

Rooster and lizard
Would in ancient days maim
Three judgmental wizards
Who managed the game.

Part Two of my Domain

This riddle's answer does contain:

No more than one is needed
For meetings clandestine;
Keep changing numbers heeded
To discover date and time.

Part Three of my Domain

This riddle's answer does contain:

An ancient brigade, strong and true
In battle we gained our name.
As deadly Arrows around us flew,
Not a single man was slain.


You seek the name of the brother
Of he who guides the story's path;
Exchanging tickets with another
For relief from Ministry wrath


Though buried right before your eyes,
You may have never seen
A password hidden for the wise;
The truth that lies between.

Post Scriptum

Five of five, together achieve
What one alone could not perceive.
A gambler's word, the safest bet:
Play your part on the Muggle's Net.

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