How to Play GXC

Registering for GoCrossCampus

*First, go to
*Click "Sign Up to Play" and fill out the registration information — you don't need to use a campus email
*Click on the "My Games" tab in the upper left corner and select "Join a Game"
*Scroll down to "Muggle Quidditch 2.0" and click the "Join Game" button

NOTE: This automatically sorts you into one of the four Houses.

Starting the Game

*The game will start when 15,000 players sign up to play Muggle Quidditch
*Check the Battle Plan window to see if your Commanders have orders for you
*For your first turn, place your troops by going to the Orders Window directly to the right of the map. Use the radio button to select a starting location, and then energize
*A series of radio buttons will allow you to move troops, attack, or defend
*For the first few turns, players cannot attack — they can only energize, move, and defend

The Orders Window

The Orders Window is located directly to the right of the Map. You use the Orders Window to control your troops
*When you first sign in, the Orders Window will tell you to "Place Troops"
*After placing troops, it will tell you to "Energize Yourself!"
*Next, it will tell you to "Issue Orders"
*Finally, it will summarize the "Orders" you issued. You can change them by clicking the Edit Orders button

The Battle Plan Window

The Battle Plan Window is located directly above the Orders Window, to the right of the Map. Only Commanders can change the Battle Plan Window
*Commanders use the Battle Plan Window to inform players of the Battle Plan

The Map

The Map shows the locations of enemy and allied forces
*Your location is labeled with an orange person, and notes "You Are Here". *Hovering over a territory tells you how much Energy is present at a location
*Hovering over a territory your House occupies tells how much Energy is present, where the players moved from, and where the players are attacking
*Special territories are marked by symbols: hovering over the symbol explains the special rules for players at that territory: for instance, players at a Medical Center receive double energy every turn, but receive a 40% Defender Disadvantage

The Chat Box

Underneath the Map is the Chat Box
*Team Chat allows you to chat with your own House. You can select to send messages to another House's Team Chat by selecting the team using the radio button directly above the "Post Message" button, but only while in Team Chat
*Game Chat allows you to chat with other people playing Muggle Quidditch 2.0
*Site Chat allows you to chat with everyone viewing Site Chat

The Tabs

Above the map are three tabs: Game, Player, and Superlatives
*Clicking the "Game" tab returns you to the Map page
*Clicking the Player tab allows you to view your House's team roster or a Random list of 10 players from another House
*Clicking the "Superlatives" tab gives you statistics on gameplay

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