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Save Ludo Bagman! Save Muggle Quidditch! (Oct 2, 2008)

Welcome to, the on-line home of the movement to free Ludo Bagman. If you are unfamiliar with Ludo’s story, he was the Head of the Department of Magical Games and Sports at the Ministry of Magic (and a former star on the Quidditch pitch in his days with the Wimbourne Wasps). Ludo’s most recent project, Muggle Quidditch 2.0, was designed to join “the world of wizard sports [with] Muggle players,” and was set to launch two weeks from now. However, shortly after he took his idea public, the Ministry abruptly shut down the entire operation.

Since then, Ludo has been mysteriously taken hostage by a group of goblins seeking revenge for minor unpaid debts; we the members of S.P.E.L.L. (the Society for the Promotion of the Expeditious Liberation of Ludo) believe that his abduction has some connection to the recent attempt to take his latest project public…

At any rate, we believe it is the Ministry’s lawful obligation to step in and help save Ludo immediately. We hope you will join us in urging the Ministry to take action now. We have been asking the wizarding community to send owls of solidarity, and we now ask the Muggle world to show the full extent of Ludo’s support.

Please check back for further updates on our progress and how you can get involved.

Will you support Ludo? (Oct 3, 2008)

Hi everyone,

My name is Leizel, and I was recently appointed Assistant Director of Muggle Outreach. In the last few days, we at S.P.E.L.L. have received overwhelming support from the Muggle community for Ludo and Muggle Quidditch 2.0. Thank you to everyone who has expressed their concern and desire to help.

The good news: we’ve finally got the Ministry’s ear. One sympathetic Auror (who agreed to speak on conditions of anonymity) has said that he knows Ludo’s whereabouts and may be able to put us in touch with his goblin captors. That’s a step in the right direction, we hope.

The bad news: The Ministry does not formally acknowledge Ludo’s capture. We need to convince them this is a serious problem!!

So, S.P.E.L.L. is organizing a reach-out campaign:

What do you want to say to the Minister for Magic or the Ministry at large?
Can you convince our Auror contact of the gravity of Ludo’s capture?
If you could speak to the goblins, what would you tell them?
Hopefully we will be able to reach Ludo. Do you have any questions or concerns for him?
How can we convince other Muggles to join S.P.E.L.L. and save Muggle Quidditch?
We are actively soliciting video, audio and written communications — these can be musical, theatrical, poetic, interpretative, comical, serious or direct (whatever you think will be most effective). Address your message to Ludo, the goblins, the Ministry, other Muggles, or S.P.E.L.L. and make sure to either post a video comment here or send your thoughts via e-owl to gro.odulevas|suronos#gro.odulevas|suronos.

After much hard work, we have secured a hearing with the Ministry on Oct. 7th and your voice will sound! Goblin greed is out of control; Ministry corruption has seriously endangered Ludo’s life; Muggle Quidditch 2.0 may be lost forever, unless we act now.

Let’s just hope it isn’t too late …



Ministry meeting identifies problem… (Oct 9, 2008)


Your enthusiasm has proven crucial to the momentum of our cause — it appears someone may be listening …

Some listen, and others do not. Yesterday marked S.P.E.L.L.’s first official meeting with the Ministry. Little was discovered: the Ministry continues to deny any connection between Muggle Quidditch 2.0 and Ludo’s disappearance, and categorically refuses to comment on whether Gringotts goblins may be involved. Frustrating, but certainly not surprising.

Shockingly, the Ministry did not believe there is any Muggle interest in Muggle Quidditch 2.0! Your materials proved invaluable — after showing the extent of your support, the Ministry agreed to publish the magical poster and create an open channel of communication for Muggles. As soon as we know more, you will too.

But this is not enough! If the Ministry believes we do not care about Ludo or Muggle Quidditch 2.0, they have yet to see what we can really do. This time, we will focus on Muggle media to spread the word about Ludo’s untimely disappearance and to raise awareness about MQ 2.0. Leizel and her team will elaborate soon.

It is an honor to fight for justice beside you.
May Fawkes guide your path,


International Video Protest (Oct 10, 2008)

Dear Friends and fellow S.P.E.L.L. supporters,

We the leaders of S.P.E.L.L have been advised as to your next task in our quest to save Ludo from Goblin clutches and Ministry injustice.

The time for the International Video Protest has begun. To get the information for this task, you are to email hpredhead at gro.odulevas|daehderph#gro.odulevas|daehderph for your instructions.

This task will be more difficult, but our quest is greater. We must save Ludo.

It is up to you now. Ludo’s fate is in your hands,


Next Ministry meeting on Oct. 15th (Oct 13, 2008)

Valued supporters,

You are our greatest asset. Carrying the momentum from your previous submissions, we have successfully secured another meeting with the Ministry on October the 15th. We intend to demand immediate investigation as to the whereabouts of Ludo Bagman to ensure his timely release and continuation of his newest project, Muggle Quidditch 2.0.

Muggle Quidditch 2.0 is an unprecedented opportunity to bridge the divide between the Muggle and Wizarding communities. Only your active participation will convince the Ministry of the gravity of Ludo’s situation.

To submit your protest in time for our meeting, S.P.E.L.L. is requesting that IVP entries are sent by e-owl to gro.odulevas|suronos#gro.odulevas|suronos (carbon copy gro.odulevas|daehderph#gro.odulevas|daehderph) by Tuesday, October 14th.

May Fawkes guide your path,


Brief Update (Oct 15, 2008)

Your concerned e-owls do not fall on deaf ears — we hear and appreciate your rally to Ludo’s cause. This brief respite amidst heated talks has allowed us to relay a short message: good news is likely on the way. One IVP submission in particular rang true in the Ministry’s ears …

We will post the video and the finalized details of the agreement as soon as possible. Until then, may Fawkes guide our path.


A Plea to the People (Oct 17, 2008)

Fellow concerned citizens, I am deeply concerned about the state of Muggle-Wizard relations. In light of the international scope of the current economic crisis, all humans should be band together to create strength and stability in the world.
Ladies and gentlemen of the entire magical spectrum, we cannot waste time on petty differences — instead we must focus on building common understandings and promoting Truth and Justice around the world.
To promote S.P.E.L.L.’s mission, I have coordinated a Muggle radio interview on Tuesday, October 21st, where I will read a prepared speech. I want YOU to write that speech. Natas, please cast your WIKI spell and create an international space for collaboration. E-owl the completed speech to gro.odulevas|suronos#gro.odulevas|suronos and it will be broadcast across the world on Muggle radio waves.
Unity is strength, peace is power,

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