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Dear Fellow Citizens,

Today we are in the midst of a new era of Reconstruction. These next few weeks will determine the direction that the Ministry of Magic and the Wizarding and Muggle worlds will take into the future.

Indeed, these next few weeks will be a time of many choices. Wizards must choose their next Minister of Magic, American Muggles must choose their next President, and we all must choose if we are to stand with the side of good or with the side of evil.

As in the first Reconstruction, this era is perilous. Much is at stake and there is a very thin line that divides between success and total failure.

History has shown us that segregation does not work. Those who are suppressed will always rise up, always fight to gain equality. The question here is whom is being oppressed? Is it the world of muggles, who go about their daily lives, blissfully unaware of the existence of magic, and fully capable of living without it? Or is it the world of wizards, who must hide their very existence from the rest of the world, living in secrecy, and under threat of imprisonment should they let it be known what they truly are?

We here at S.P.E.L.L. the Society for the Promotion of the Expeditious Liberation of Ludo believe that the only way to bridge this divide is by uniting the Wizarding and Muggle worlds; bridging that perilous gap and forging unbreakable bonds of mutual respect and unending friendship.

We believe that the way to build this bridge is through the noble game of quidditch, the most popular sport in the wizard community.

Ludo Bagman shared this dream, and he has suffered greatly because of it. Ludo, and all those who support him, believe in a world where we can all come together, Wizard and Muggle, and fly around and hit each other with magical balls. Yes, this is a dream of peace.

Because of his noble dream, Ludo Bagman has been captured by goblins and is currently being held against his will, with the full knowledge and consent of the Ministry of Magic.

We of S.P.E.L.L. stand against this injustice, and of all injustices of its kind.

Will you stand with us?

The Ministry has agreed to assist us if we can rally the support of 15,000 Muggles to our cause.

Now is the time for the Muggle world to decide where their loyalty lies.

Save Ludo Bagman, Save the World

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