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Title: a note of credence


From clues discerned, the site you seek
Brings forth a note I dare to sneak.

Trusted Friends,
If you are reading this letter, you have successfully reached my private site. I’m sorry for putting you through so many riddles—really, it’s not my style—but desperate times call for desperate measures…
My name is Ludo Bagman. You probably remember me from my days on the Wimbourne Wasps (voted most popular Beater in the league three years in a row!), and now of course as the most innovative leader of the Department of Magical Games and Sports in the history of the Ministry.
Or I was—until I was forced to leave my post and go into hiding. Ever since a few goblin acquaintances of mine and I had a small financial miscommunication, the goblins have sought revenge, without letting me earn the money to repay them by launching what would surely be my most ground-breaking venture yet: Muggle Quidditch 2.0 (copyright Ludo Bagman!).
However, due to present circumstances, I cannot fully disclose the specifics of this special, confidential project of mine. What I can tell you is this: Muggle Quidditch is a unique bridge between the world of wizard sports and Muggle players. If I am able to launch it before the goblins—or worse—catch up with me, I’m sure it will be a big hit. Muggle Quidditch 2.0 (copyright Ludo Bagman!) is an “on-line” sport of epic proportions, joining together Quidditch enthusiasts in the Digital Ether, going far beyond the confines of a single stadium…
If the inaugural Tournament proceeds as planned to mark the commencement of Muggle Quidditch, it will take place on a virtual Hogwarts campus, allowing Muggles across the world to experience the WWW (Wonderful World of Wizardry), and compete for ultimate glory.
You see, of course, how fantastic Muggle Quidditch could be, but I’m afraid that it’s all for naught if I am unable to secure its launch. The goblins are close on my heels, and I fear that they may be receiving help from wizards of considerable influence. My original site,, has already been compromised, and the recent contributions made by the Ministry to bail out goblin-run banks have only heightened my suspicions of corruption and conspiracy…
I’m afraid that I must continue to run, and—as my present communication with you may soon be intercepted—it’s vital that we maintain private correspondence.

For further instruction, send me an e-owl at

In Confidence,


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